Birth, Bereavement, Postpartum Doula & Placenta Services 

Birth Services

A holistic approach to fertility, pregnancy and birth including nutrition, education, homeopathy, herbal tinctures and remedies. Complete support and advocacy through your informed labor & delivery, whether it be at home, birth center or hospital.  

Bereavement Support

Loss can be isolating, you may feel that you are alone standing in the midst of a hurricane with no protection, feeling all kinds of emotion. My bereavement training allows me to provide all-encompassing support for any form of loss in pregnancy or postpartum. Inclusive of surrogacy loss, as an experienced surrogate. 

Postpartum Services

Is anyone ever truly prepared for the fourth trimester? 

Including education, lactation support, meal preparation, cleaning/nanny services, healing salves, belly binding and more! Allow me to make the transition into motherhood/fatherhood as simple as possible.

Placenta Services

Encapsulation, Tinctures, Placenta Prints, Ceremonies, Gardening Options, Cosmetic Mixtures and more! The placenta is the tree of life, the organ that provided your child with nutrients and sustainable life whilst they were in your womb, let your release of that amazing organ be of use to you, in whichever way you choose. 

A 'Caim' is....

There are many meanings behind the historic word, Caim, depending on the culture and context that it is used. One definition is a protective spirit or energy surrounding you. It is also considered to be a sanctuary or ring of protection. This has a very special meaning to me, that portrays the energy that I want to enclose into your birth and postpartum space, simply full of safety, confidence and peace. 

About me

I am a mother of Noah and a wife of Joshua and spend most of my days at our home in Land O Lakes FL. My passions are hiking, traveling, finding wild herbs and foods and of course, birth, breastfeeding, babies and mamas! I started out as a midwifes assistant and loved it so much that I pursued my doula certification and have been supporting families for nearly four years!

Serving The Tampa Bay Area & Surrounding Counties 

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