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Taylor Bland is a professional, holistic doula certified through HERBAL, Stillbirthday for birth and bereavement, as well as IPPA for postpartum doula work and placenta encapsulation. She is also certified in NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program) and Adult CPR/First Aid. 

Taylor began her career in birth support when she began working as a midwife's assistant for a local midwifery practice. Inspired by the experiences and the beauty involved in childbirth, she was eager to learn even more and make a career of servicing expecting families. 

Prior to becoming a doula, Taylor pursued an associates degree specializing in Criminal Justice at Saint Leo University, as well as working as an emergency 911 call taker and police dispatcher, which brought her skills of patience, comforting those going through loss and distress, and taking charge in a stressful situation. During this time in her life, she also had her sweet son, unfortunately through a traumatic birth experience, which motivated her to make sure all families have the option of support, advocacy and informed decisions in their pregnancy, birth and parenting.


  She is also an experienced gestational surrogate of twin Irish babies, furthering her passion for Irish culture, fertility assistance, loss and birth. 

Taylor's heart rests with bereavement mamas, as well, as she has experienced several pregnancy losses, her most recent being an unassisted miscarriage of her 18 week gestated baby boy. Check her blog for his birth story coming soon. 

When Taylor is not with clients, she enjoys being in nature with her husband and son, practicing amateur photography, using her yoga chair, eating new foods, reading non-fiction books and listening to all varieties of music. 


Serving The Tampa Bay Area & Surrounding Counties 

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