It is not something anyone wants to discuss, as its not the positivity that everyone associates with pregnancy and birth, it is a very tragic time in one's life, when they lose a child, no matter how early or late in gestation the mother may have been, whether they have other children, or any other consoling yet potentially harmful statement a loving relative may make during time of grief. Loss can feel so isolating, despite the fact that 1 in 4 women will experience pregnancy loss, at least once, in their lifetime. 

There is such a lack of discussion and recognition in most communities about infertility, miscarriage and stillbirths, it leaves many parents in the dark, to suffer in silence. I hope to be the difference for those struggling through their grief and hardship. 

My bereavement and fertility services include monthly community groups for grieving parents and those that seek to support them to gather, miscarriage and stillbirth private meetings, birth attendance and healing methods. Prices vary based on services needed and will be discussed delicately, with financial strain due to loss/fertility treatments, strongly considered, complimentary and reasonably-priced services always offered for bereavement clients. 

I have personally experienced several losses, the most impactful being my 18 week miscarriage, please visit my blog if you would like to read my story. Please reach out if you would also like me to send you my free webinar on Unassisted Miscarriage. 

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