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Whether you are on your first or fifteenth birth, your support system is incredibly important to keep you feeling safe, secure and supported, which is where a doula steps in!


A doula can be a great addition to your birth whether it be with a midwife, an OBGYN or unassisted, while your doula takes care of your physical and emotional support and needs. A doula also keeps you informed and aware of the procedures and options you may be faced with ahead of time and create a birth plan with you! A doula can be useful for any birthing mother, medicated or natural, cesarean or vaginal, hospital, home or birth center, etc etc, there is no "type" of birth or individual requirements to have a doula. 





I bring many birth props to aid and support you as much as possible, including a rebozo, homeopathic remedies, tinctures, oils, heat pads, and more!! Another fancy birth prop I can bring to your birth is compassion, knowledge and experience, which is more valuable than any material item! 

In The Caim Birth Package, I include a complimentary Zoom or FaceTime  doula-client interview, two or more prenatal appointments, birth attendance and one postpartum visit, with a back up doula on call at all times, should they be needed. For my clients, I remain on call from 36 weeks until delivery. My pricing for this package starts at $1200 for those within an hour of my home, additional travel fees may be included outside of that.


I offer a 20% discount to any of the following groups in our community:


Those that conceived through fertility treatments


Teen Mothers 

Gestational Carriers/Surrogates

LEO/Military/Veteran Families 

Those on any form of financial assistance (WIC, EBT, Unemployment, etc.)

Those carrying multiples (twins, triplets and beyond)

I have an option available for building your own birth package (an a la carte menu, if you will), for those that may not necessarily need or desire prenatal education (I still recommend at least one prenatal appointment so we can meet each other in person, establish our bond/energy together, and review what you already know, cause you don't know what you don't know!), or postpartum support. This also allows those that want to book last minute, or switch from another doula, to my services. 

For those out of state, or having a hospital birth with providers that are not currently allowing any visitors, or more than one visitor, I do offer virtual support services as well! $200 for virtual birth attendance via Skype or Facetime, from when you need me, to when you don't. 

I do travel doula work, as well, very limitedly. Please inquire below on my contact form if this is something you are interested in. I also may be able to connect you with a doula local to you, that I have trained! 

Serving The Tampa Bay Area & Surrounding Counties 

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