Keep Your Water Birth Simple, Rent A Pool

Wouldn’t you love to ease your labor pains with WATER? 

Some refer to it as an “aqua-dural” because it is so soothing and relaxing. Helping soften and relax tense, hard-working muscles, that cervix can just melt and expand right up to the fundus, while you melt into labor land.

Birth pool rental service includes:

-Set up when you’re in labor: provide and blow up pool, help you fit the liner, bring hose to attach to warm water in your home, and help fill the pool to your comfort level

-Take down after you give birth: drain, dispose of liner, sanitize tub, deflate and clean up the space the tub was in, then leave you worry-free after a successful amazing birth

$50 fee + liner for a 25 mile radius service area ($1 additional per extra mile outside service range)

I have a website link that can get you a discount on liners as well. 

FREE service for doula clients that purchase The Caim Package from my birth services. 

Serving The Tampa Bay Area & Surrounding Counties 

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