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Extra Services

Belly Casting- Belly casting makes for a lovely keepsake of your bump, for after you have delivered your baby. Can be left plain or painted. Belly casts start at $30 for a plain plaster belly keepsake and increase based on design. 

Kinesiology Placement- Kinesiology Tape can be placed on a pregnant woman's belly and back for gentle lifting support and can be worn as long as the woman is comfortable. $20 per session. 


Reflexology - Reflexology is a method of acupressure done on the feet and hands to open up blocked energy and stimulate organs that need a little boost, this is great for pregnant clients that are past their due date and uncomfortable but want to avoid medical methods of induction as much as possible! In combination with great chiropractic care it can be very effective. $40 per session. 

Nutrition Counseling- Nutrition is important for every step of your life! I can help you meal plan for any dietary restrictions including vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto, etc. A simple nutrition fix can prevent certain complications, balance hormones and more. $40 per hour consult. 

Childbirth Education Crash Course - A private or group class that teaches the basics of birth positions, the hormones involved in birth, the interventions that may arise based on your birth setting and your options/rights as a patient! Price varies based on needs and amount of people attending. 

Virtual Birth Plan Customization- Great for parents that may not be able to afford a doula or childbirth class but want to be educated on all their options and have a custom listed and visual birth plan made for them. $40 for 1 hour phone, Skype or email consult and full access to both sets of birth plans emailed directly to you. 

Birth Affirmation Creation- $20 per 10 custom online birth affirmation designs for your unlimited use; separate printing, laminating and shipping charges will apply. 

Birth Space Design- Available virtually or in person, $40 per hour consult discussing birth space layout with full list of materials recommended emailed directly to you. 

Healthy Home Evaluation- Available virtually or in person, we will go over your homes health grade as far as paint, carpet, cleaners, toys, food products, everything from top to bottom! List of more natural alternatives will be provided to you for unlimited use. $50 per hour consult. 

Natural Family Planning Assistance- This is a natural birth control method that is successful for many! Consult for NFP can be done virtually or in person. We discuss the ins and outs of NFP including cervical mucus monitoring, basal body temp, lunar cycle aligning, etc. $40 for full consult with cheat sheet for future referencing. 

Hypnobirthing & Hypnotherapy - Though I am not a licensed hypnotherapist, I do have experience hypnobirthing and have been mentored by a hypnotherapist and reiki master; using the methods I learned from my experiences, I am able to help you find your focus and peace with breath, energy work, meditation, the use of music, oils and more! 

Cupping Therapy- Cupping is a blood therapy that originated in China where cups were suctioned and placed on the back to help detox stagnant blood by bringing it to the top of the skin, allowing toxins to be released through the pores. This is used in combination with magnesium and arnica for absolute healing. $40 per session.