All The Reasons Why You Should Put Coffee In Your Butt!

As I write this, I have over two cups of coffee in my butt! As odd as that sounds, it has health benefits, and honestly feels freakin' amazing! You will never experience a caffeine high quite like when it bypasses your digestive system and goes straight into your gut! I would compare it to getting a caffeine injection right into your blood stream, as opposed to drinking it, but with a little more work and strength involved.

Now, let me address your actual question, why in the world would anyone want to put coffee in their butt?

It's called an ENEMA! And it's been documented that people since Ancient Egypt have been putting coffee in their butt!

Most people know enemas as a resource to relieve constipation, but that is not the only reason why they can be used.

Using a coffee enema on a regular basis is a much loved and respected practice for those that follow Gerson Therapy protocols. The purpose of Gerson Therapy is to cure cancer and other ailments.

Gerson addresses the reason for coffee enemas to be, "to stimulate the liver to increase its detoxification of the blood and decrease the toxic load on the liver. This includes removing a variety of toxins and free radicals from the bloodstream. They assist the liver so as not to overburden an already sluggish and toxic liver with the flood of toxins dislodged from the clean, nutrient-dense food and juice of the Gerson Therapy."

It is also meant to enhance digestion. Components in the coffee such as caffeine, theobromine and theophylline help blood vessels, and bile ducts to open. This increases the flow of blood and bile, and can allow the digestive system to work more appropriately. This can be beneficial for those with gallbladder, kidney, or liver issues.

Coffee contains a large amount of antioxidants, which can be highly anti-inflammatory, which can relieve those with chronic pain, thyroid issues, autoimmune disorders, infertility, and more. Inflammation causes disease and devastation to the body, so it's important to relieve that inflammation as soon as possible, and often.

If you're already in the process of detoxing, an enema can help your liver to flush the toxins. Anything to support your liver during a detox is extremely beneficial, so it doesn't get overworked and tired, especially when using strong detox-ers like grapefruit seed, for example. Coffee also pulls little parasites out of the gut, and kills them, so if you see little dead worms come out after an enema flush, you had parasites (most of us do!). Die-off is something common that people with parasites and candida experience when they are finally taking initiative to detox them. Die-off symptoms can be incredibly stressful and hard to deal with, especially as a mama. Coffee enemas help relieve those die-off symptoms, by again, supporting the liver and gut to flush out toxins more quickly and effectively so they aren't reabsorbing into the body or lingering, while the liver struggles.

That all sounds great, but are there risks to a coffee enema?

Absolutely! There is risk to everything.

You shouldn't utilize a coffee enema if you are pregnant, using harsh medicines such as chemotherapy, renal or respiratory failure, hypertension or any other extreme condition. Use discretion!

Make sure your enema is always body temp, we don't need a burned rectum, OUCH!

Clean your enema kit well before and after use. I always do a hydrogen peroxide flush before and after. This ensures that the kit is fairly sterile and no toxins are going INTO you.

Use a quality, organic green coffee for your enema. You do not want to put chemicals from cheaply manufactured coffees.

Which enema kit do I use?

This coffee:

This container:

Now, in the spirit of total transparency, scientific studies do not quite advocate for coffee enemas yet, because people have used them incorrectly, leading to consequences! There is also no proof that drinking BLACK coffee, nothing added, serves any less benefit than a coffee enema, but there's no way I can stomach drinking black coffee, so past my tastebuds and into my rectum it goes!

Have you ever done an enema? What for? How did you feel after? Would you do it again?

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