Benefits Of A Yoga Chair

Looks like fun, right? Or maybe even a little scary, to some!

I was introduced to the glory of a yoga chair by a good friend and from that day, I was HOOKED!

The exhilarating feeling of your blood rushing down to your head, and the little bit of adrenaline rush you get when your body is suspended in mid-air, is nothing short of life-changing. But aside from feelings, let's talk about the actual benefits!

It is an energy booster by far! And it makes sense, because it triggers better circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, and the nervous system!

It is short-term self-care. Kids driving you up the wall? Is your partner being an obnoxious individual? Take that yoga chair outside and get upside down and enjoy your few moments of peace. Self-care is a must for mamas even if only a couple minutes a day, it reduces anxiety!

I am all about anything I can do to improve my core. After experiencing carrying four babies, and a prolapse, pelvic floor therapy is essential to me, and now my yoga chair is part of my pelvic floor routine. It strengthens your core and pelvic floor muscles by taking gravity off those muscles that we stress so much during the day, and tones them while you're up in the air, shifting positions and holding yourself up.

It can improve your balance and posture. Going straight upside down will obviously test your body's alignment and after using it frequently, that alignment will center perfectly, you will have an easier time sleeping, standing up straight, and have less chronic pain.

Pregnant people can use it, too! Inversions are excellent for helping baby get into a perfect position, take pressure off the cervix, reduce swelling in your legs and vulva, and exercise your uterus. We recommend if you're pregnant and just starting out, that you use someone as support for your legs for the first few sessions until you get a good balance so you don't flip over the chair! You can also do inversions off the couch or bed if you feel more comfortable doing so.

So... Are you dying to have one yet? It has relieved headaches and anxiety for me so much, I'm completely invested and in love!

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