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Figuring out what supplements are best to use while trying to conceive can be SO HARD. We sit there, article after article, book after book, negative test after negative test trying to determine what we should try next. I thought I would share the regimen that I have established to optimize my egg health, and my husbands sperm health, so when we finally conceive a baby, we will hopefully carry that sweet baby to term!

First off, something very important that needs to be stated, is that you cannot just pour supplements down your throat and expect your body to be in prime condition to carry a baby. Supplements are called supplements for a reason, to SUPPLEMENT a healthy lifestyle. Chowing down McDonald's and Starbucks on the daily, then turning around and throwing a whole bunch of healthy supplements in the mix, is not going to do your fertility the justice you desire. The best diet that has been found for trying to conceive is actually the Mediterranean diet, which consists of fish, fruits, seeds, oils, whole grains and herbs. Those that follow this diet eat very little red meat and processed sugars, which are inflammatory foods. Fish, seeds, and oils are high in protein and omegas, without overloading your body and gut with inflammation. Fruits help keep the body hydrated, herbs stimulate healthy blood flow, and whole grains provide healthy fiber so the body is regularly pushing out bowel movements for optimal gut health. Check out some sample meal plans of the Mediterranean diet here:

Next, this complete body restoration can take months to take force. Do not expect to start a regimen and get pregnant the next time you ovulate. It takes three months for one of your eggs to fully mature, so give yourself a good three months after starting your new regimen, before trying to conceive. Men need a little less time for their sperm to totally restore (about 2 months) but if both of you start the regimen at once, and wait three months to try to conceive after that, you both should have PRIME eggs and little swimmers to make a beautiful healthy baby. While being patient, also keep in mind that your body may detox! You may experience skin break outs, random spotting in between your cycle, teeth pain while gum inflammation and build up is trying to break free, headaches and more detox symptoms. Also, if you are smoking, using alcohol, drugs or exposing yourself to routine toxins, you need to give those time to leave your system as well, or you can expect those to disturb your ability to conceive in the meantime. It is a fantastic idea to get your bloodwork and dental work done at the start of your new regimen, and right before you decide to conceive, to see how your body and health has changed in just those few months.

Now that we covered our bases there, let's get down to the nitty gritty of what I am using and what you may want to use, too! I will include links to the products for easy purchase so you don't have to go Google hunting.

An easy way to get your basic vitamins down, is to take an activated prenatal supplement. Why is it important that your prenatal is ACTIVATED and what does that mean? Activated means that the vitamins within the supplement are not synthetic, rather, they are going to be accepted by your body, and they are conducive to those that have MTHFR or other gene mutations. This is important because those that have mutations that don't easily detox, can end up either not absorbing synthetic vitamins, or not even being able to break down and process them, and end up with years of built up chemicals that were used to make the synthetic vitamins, sitting in their body and stressing their body out. You can see how this makes sense that synthetic multivitamins would not be productive for someone trying to conceive! Using FOLIC ACID is one of the biggest mistakes that someone planning for a pregnancy can make. Methylfolate or folinic acid is the version that you want to look for, and utilize in your multivitamin, as well as methylcobalamin (as opposed to cyanocobalamin). Using methylated vitamins also prevents babies from developing defects. The use of synthetic vitamins can lead to more calcified placentas. While a little calcification is expected in term babies, a heavily calcified placenta can lead to stillbirth, IUGR, and more issues with baby. Another thing I love about this prenatal is that it does NOT have a full daily dose of calcium. Too high of a dose of daily calcium can be dangerous while TTC and while pregnant, and would require high amounts of Vitamin D and K to bring it back down to a safe level, but this prenatal has just enough, and your diet adequately fulfills the rest of the calcium you need in a day. Almost no one in the US has too little calcium, much to the contrary of what milk marketers claim.

Next, COQ10 is an excellent supplement to add into your routine while TTC. It's been shown that as little as 150 mg improved sperm quality. COQ10 for females has been primarily studied in IVF by studying COQ10 levels in follicular fluid and how it improves embryo grades, but COQ10 is an antioxidant and reduces aging of cells and eggs in tons of animal studies, and therefore would also be beneficial in slowing down aging of oocytes (eggs) and improving their quality, as well. You can either use an isotonic form of COQ10 if you prefer quick absorption and drinking your vitamins, or if capsules are your thing, you can use Jarrow Formulas COQ10!

Next, let's talk about antioxidants. Antioxidants are important because they reduce inflammation, stress, oxidative stress, strain on the thyroid, and more! Studies have shown when males take antioxidant supplements, they are FIVE TIMES more likely to conceive a baby that will survive to term. There are many great antioxidant supplements that you can and should incorporate into your fertility regimen. Glutathione, OPCs, herbs and roots have amazing antioxidant properties! Some products that I love and use include Curcumin Extreme, OPC-3, and Glutathione.

If you are into herbs, there are a couple herbal based products that I love that can help balance your hormones and increase your fertility:

-Traditional Chinese Blend Gyneassure & FertiAssist

-Prime Feminine

-Multiply Fertility Extract

Finally, even if you are taking all the things, but you do not know how to track your cycle properly, you may never conceive. The apps that you download from the store are NOT accurate on their own. I really love using Glow, but without me putting in my temps from my TempDrop, it would have no idea how to tell me when I was and was not fertile. Surprise to me, when I started temping, I realized I actually ovulate on Day 11 or 12 of my cycle, NOT day 14. I would never get pregnant following the traditional cycle, hoping that I was "average." You're not average babe, figure out your cycle and when YOU ovulate.

If you desire a Tempdrop, you can use this link to get 10% off:

Below are some excellent Facebook post compilations on tracking your cycle from my friend and business partner Desirae Miller! She is basically the fertility guru in my eyes.

Overall tracking & fertility:

Cervical Positioning:

Natural Fertility Boosters (Herbs):

Sex Drive/Cervical Mucus/Ovulation:

That's all for now, folks! Let me know if you have any questions on my routine. Also feel free to drop a comment on what you use(d) in your fertility routine!

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